Barry Belcher Art & Design

Barry Belcher Art & Design

Crushed Can Caroling Angels



See-through Snowman



Roller Reindeer



Holiday High-heel


Barry's Santa Claus Tree



Barry Scary Mirror, Mirror



"Ghost" Caught on Tape to Decorate

Use simple poultry netting to capture a ghost in your yard



Barry's Mr. Bottle Bones


Create a skeleton using plastic milk bottles.


Barry's Book Garden




Global mini bar

Using an old vintage globe, learn how to store your favorite alcoholic beverage inside the center of the earth.


Barry's Bubblegum Ball Machine

Discover the inner kid within by creating your very own gumball machine with  ordinary household items.



Candlestick Flashlight



Afternoon Tea Chandelier



Magic Garden Hose


Give your ordinary garden hose a life of its own.

Give your ordinary garden hose a life of its own.


Ladybug Mailbox



Chandelier Knives



Cheesecake with The Golden Girls anyone? Which character are you?

Inspired by cheesecake, good friends and 4 interesting characters from The Golden Girls.



Suitcase Chair



See video on how to make a suitcase chair.


Cupid Arrows

Cupid arrows 


Watch how to make these


Love Lotto

Love Lotto scratch off Valentine's Day card



You're The Bomb



Melted Snowman


Pot Scrubber Wreath

Using copper pot scrubber, wire them together, add silver balls and a bow, and walla you have lots of dirty dishes.  



Peppermint Star - A Tree Topper

Use foam shipping material noodles to make a candy cane shaped star to top your tree.

Twiggy The Rhinestone Nose Reindeer

After raking the leaves from the yard, find some twiggs to make your own reindeer.... I added a rhinestone to his face just to be different than rudolph.  

Santa Brush Ornament

Sometimes it ok to forget to rinse out your paint brush.  This craft is easy to make and fun way to recycle. 

Melting Snowman - Holiday Table Decor



Butterfly Christmas Tree

Butterfly Christmas Tree


Unique Christmas tree trimming inspired by the Monarch Butterfly.


Float Down Here - Pennywise's Grave

Pennywise's Grave



Im Melting



Talking Magic Crystal Ball

Magic Crystal Ball



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